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Liz votes for action to cut gas and electricity bills, protect the environment and boost green jobs

energyGas and electricity bills are far too high, which is why I’ve pressed for immediate action to bring them down. Alongside this, we need to improve our energy policy so that it protects the environment and boosts green jobs.

On Tuesday 4th June, MPs debated the Government’s Energy Bill in Parliament. I voted for an important “green jobs” amendment which would have set a clear target for clean electricity by 2030. This would have provided the certainty needed to encourage investment and create many thousands of jobs.

A clean energy target is widely backed, including by the government’s own climate advisers, by hundreds of businesses, by investors and it’s also meant to be the official policy of the Liberal Democrats.

Despite all the evidence and the widespread support, the Government blocked the best opportunity we’ve had to go for green growth at a time when my constituents desperately need jobs.

You can read about my bid to generate green jobs and smaller fuel bills in my recent column for the Leicester Mercury here.