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Liz’s speech in the debate on the EU Withdrawal Agreement

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Liz's speech in the EU Withdrawal Agreement debate

Watch my speech in the debate on the EU Withdrawal Agreement: Theresa May’s Brexit withdrawal agreement doesn’t provide answers to the reasons why people voted to leave. The agreement will make us poorer and make our country weaker, giving up control over many of the rules that govern our lives. I will vote against it tonight and will support moves to rule out the threat of no deal Brexit and the chaos this would bring.

Posted by Liz Kendall on Tuesday, 15 January 2019

On 15th January I voted against Theresa May’s Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. The agreement isn’t what people were promised in the Referendum, it is a worse deal than we have now, and would mean the uncertainty we face about our future relationship with the EU will go on for years to come. 

The Government’s proposals will make our country weaker and poorer, and this is not something that I can support. I believe the best way of breaking the logjam about where we go next is to put the question back to the public, because what is on offer now is so different from what was promised in 2016.

You can read my speech here.

You can watch my interview on Sky News, where I discussed why I would be voting against Theresa May’s Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, here.

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