Safer communities

Local people deserve to live in decent, safe communities. Older people should feel secure in their own homes and when they go out at night, and parents should be able to bring up their children in an environment that’s clean and safe.

You might not believe it when you read the newspapers! But good progress is being made in Leicester West: there are more police, including a neighbourhood police team in every area, crime is being reduced and our Labour council and Government have helped fund new play areas like the ones in Westcotes Park and Braunstone Park.

But I know there are still very real issues that need to be tackled to make all our communities decent, safe places to live in.

One of the biggest problems local residents raise with me is that there’s still too much anti social behaviour. I’ll support tough action on the minority of people who create anti social behaviour in our communities. I also want to see a crack down on shops that sell alcohol to underage children, and pubs that encourage binge drinking.

Alongside these measures, we’ve also got to give our young people more things to do, especially in the evenings and weekends. I know that local voluntary groups are already working hard to get young people involved in sport, dance and music. I’ll support this work, and work to get the investment we need to provide better facilities for young people in every community.