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Social care; this is how Labour would fix crisis

I wrote for the Yorkshire Post about what the Tories have got wrong with their so-called ‘reform’ to social care, and how Labour would fix it.

Under the Prime Minister’s plans, if you own a £1m home, more than 90 per cent of your assets are protected. If you own a home worth £100,000, you could lose almost everything.

That means that a homeowner living somewhere like Grimsby or Halifax would be at risk of losing two thirds of their assets if they needed care. Millions of working people are being asked to pay more tax, not to improve their family’s care, or stop their life savings being wiped out, but to protect the homes of the wealthy.

This working-class dementia tax is unfair, it’s wrong, and will not fix the very real issues facing social care today.

Read the full oped in the Yorkshire Post.