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Speaking out about staying in the EU

Yesterday I went head-to-head with Douglas Carswell MP on ITV News to argue why it is so vital that Britain stays in the EU.

This is the most important decision our country will face in a generation and I’m really proud to have been appointed East Midlands Labour’s European Champion. I will be campaigning for Britain to remain in the EU because I believe it’s best for families, businesses and our country as a whole.

Being a member of the EU is vital for jobs, growth and investment. It gives us important rights at work, like the right to paid holiday and extended paternity and maternity leave. Our membership of the EU has also improved our consumer rights, like removing hidden charges when we shop online and lowering costs when we fly.

But it’s not just the benefits we gain as individuals that make our membership of the EU so vital. We face huge challenges as a country – challenges to our security, the environment and our economy. I believe it is only by working with other EU countries that we can build a safer, fairer and more prosperous future for people in my constituency and across Britain.

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