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Tackling the scandal of food poverty

[16/07/2013 | No comment]

1Food banks demonstrate both the best and worst of our society. The best, because volunteers give so much of their time and energy, and the worst because it is simply wrong that we need food banks at all, especially in a country like Britain.

On Friday 5th July, the local Tesco store near my office on the Narborough Road took part in a national food collection drive. I popped down to make my donation and to support the work of FareShare Leicestershire.

The tragedy is that demand for food banks is on the rise as the economy continues to struggle. Nationally, FareShare provides food for nearly 43,700 people a day and last year, they saw the biggest increase in the number of people needing food since they began in 2004. 88% of the food they redistributed last year was surplus and would have otherwise gone to waste. If you’d like to get involved with this work, please click here.

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