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[01/03/2012 | No comment]

Crime is a top concern for many of my constituents. I recently met the new Local Policing Unit Commander for Hinckley Road LPU, Inspector Andy Parkes to discuss a range of issues, including what the police are doing to reduce the number of burglaries in the area.

I will be working closely with Inspector Parkes to tackle this and other local policing issues in the months and years ahead. If you’re interested in finding out more about what the Hinckley Road LPU is doing, you can follow Inspector Parkes on twitter: @HinckleyRoadLPU



[15/12/2010 | No comment]

A number of constituents have contacted me to complain about noise and anti-social behaviour around the Tescos store on Hinckley Road. I’ve held a meeting with local residents, met the store manager to discuss the problems, and written to the regional manager of Tescos and Inspector Siobhain Ashford (from the Hinckley Road Local Policing Unit) with the aim of holding another public meeting in the new year.

[02/04/2010 | No comment]

Everyone loves being on holiday, but one of the things parents often struggle with is finding enough things for the kids to do during the school break. Well…this week and next, Leicester has the answer: the Community Easter Games.

The games are funded by the Government, through its Connecting Communities fund. At the opening event, there was some brilliant dancing by the Street Vibe group and an urban climbing wall, which I managed to scale! I’ve also been to one of the ‘Wii – Give it a Go’ sessions at New Parks’ lovely new library, where I well and truly embarrassed myself with my attempts to dance.

Yesterday, the weather cleared for a few hours which was great news for the families at the ‘Cycling in the Park’ session in Western Park. This was a chance to try out the cycle trails in and around Western Park, get some free bike maintenance, and learn about what cycling is on offer after school and at the weekends – all under the trained supervision of the Western Park Freeriders team Matt, Phil and Rick.

The Easter Games aren’t just for kids and families. There’s also a badminton session for the over 60s and a football tournament for seniors. The Games are all about bringing communities together: of all ages, from all faiths, and from every part of Leicester. That’s what Labour means when we say we will help strengthen fairness in communities – one of the 5 pledges in our election campaign.

There’s loads more activities going on over the weekend, and next week (click here to find out more). So whether you fancy basketball, boxing, canoeing, squash or gardening – there’s something for everyone. See you there!

[08/02/2010 | No comment]

I’ve got a bit of a confession. Whilst my head tells me climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face, my heart hasn’t felt as passionate about the issue as giving every child the best shot at life, or transforming the way we look after older people. And although I kid myself I’m making an effort, I don’t live anywhere near as green and environmentally-friendly a life as I should.

But the importance of climate change, and how we can actually engage people in addressing the issue, started to make much more sense to me this week.

On Saturday morning I went to a local residents’ coffee morning at Leicester’s EcoHouse. Run by the charity Groundwork – with funding from the National Lottery, European Union, local council and businesses – the EcoHouse does exactly what it says on the tin. It shows simple, real and practical changes you can make to your home to make it ‘greener’.

OK, not everyone will be able to put EcoHouse-size solar panels on their roof or use rainwater to flush their toilet. But this brilliant building shows us how we can all make a difference, whether it’s by recycling bottles, paper and drink cans; improving our home insulation; using energy-efficient light bulbs and eco-friendly cleaning products; or growing some of our own vegetables.

Earlier in the week I also learnt more about Labour’s plans to build affordable homes and support employment and training through the recession.

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