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What Leicestershire people and businesses need from this month’s Budget, Leicester Mercury, 4 March

My latest ‘In the House’ column is about what people and businesses in Leicester need from George Osborne’s next Budget. Britain can and must do better, so that more businesses succeed and everyone has the chance to get a decent job and build a better life for themselves and their family.

We need long-term investment in infrastructure like transport and broadband to boost jobs. To boost skills we need good-quality early years education, training and apprenticeships. Leicester’s universities need more support to turn great ideas and research into successful businesses. Leicester’s small- and medium-sized companies need backing too, with better access to finance that could come from increasing competition in the banking sector.

While national Government has a vital role to play, many of the decisions needed to help our economy grow would be best taken locally. For Leicester to be the best we can be, we need more power in the hands of local people to make decisions about what works best here.

I’ll be working hard in Parliament to make sure the Government listens to what we need in Leicester. You can read my article here.