Working hard for you

It’s two weeks since the people of Leicester West gave me the great honour, and privilege, of serving as their Member of Parliament. A lot has happened since May 6th, and I’m only sorry I haven’t had the chance to update my website before now.

Top of my list of priorities has been sorting out my surgeries so people can come and talk to me about any issues, problems or concerns. I’m holding regular surgeries at my office at 5 Frog Island, as well as coffee mornings for local residents across the constituency.

I’ve also spent quite a bit of time during the last fortnight in Parliament. Last week, all the new MPs got a briefing on how the House of Commons works, including how to ask questions on behalf of your constituents, how to scrutinise legislation, and how to propose and take part in debates.

I haven’t got a House of Commons office yet (all new MPs have got ‘hot-desks’ in a Committee rooms in the House of Commons) but I have got a laptop, and a new email address which anyone living in Leicester West can use to contact me from now on: liz.kendall.mp {at} parliament(.)uk

Earlier this week MPs re-elected the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow. The Speaker presides over the Chamber, deciding who speaks in debates, ruling on ‘points of order’ (when an MP questions whether a rule of the House of Commons has been broken) and generally keeping MPs in check, for example making sure they don’t stray too far off the subject that’s being debated, and telling them to be quiet (calling for “order, order!”) if they’re shouting too much for other MPs to be heard.

Today was one of the most important days for me so far, because I was ‘sworn in’ as an MP. This means I can now officially take my seat in the House of Commons, speak in debates and vote. The next step is to make my ‘maiden speech’ which I want to do as soon as possible, so I can get on with the hob of representing the people of Leicester West in Westminster, and working hard on your behalf – both here, and in Westminster.

There’s lots more news I’ll be updating this website with – including how I’ll be playing my part in holding the new Government to account, and the election of a new Leader for the Labour Party which I want as many people as possible to have their say in.