Update on Liz’s campaign to stop unfair gas meter charges.


Some of you will know that I’m campaigning to stop energy companies charging people for gas meters they do not use.

I recently wrote to over 350 residents who live in the six blocks of flats off Aikman Avenue, where one of my constituents first contacted me about this problem. It is clear from people’s responses that this is not a one-off case. I have received numerous letters from constituents who use a wide range of suppliers experiencing the same problem.

In response to a question I asked in Parliament, the Government has now revealed over 325,000 people could be affected by these unfair charges nationally. I have raised this issue with the energy regulator Ofgem to demand they take action, and Ofgem has now written to all energy companies.

I am determined to keep up my campaign until the problem is properly sorted out and all these unfair charges are removed.

You can read more in the Leicester Mercury here.