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Liz welcomes Government move to measure food insecurity

I am pleased the Government has heard our calls and agreed to measure household food insecurity as part of its annual Family Resources Survey. This follows a campaign by my colleague Emma Lewell-Buck MP to introduce her Food Insecurity Bill that I have long supported.

Introducing this measurement will mean the Government has a clearer picture of the scale of food insecurity in the UK and which groups are the worst affected. However, this needs to be followed by stronger action to address hunger in our communities.

I am very concerned about devastating levels of hunger in Leicester, with the number of people going to foodbanks rising by 20% since the rollout of Universal Credit began here. I chair the Feeding Britain pilot in Leicester, which is working hard to make emergency food available to those in need, support food banks and tackle hunger in the school holidays.

You can read more about the campaign to introduce the measurement of household food insecurity here.